Monday, January 23, 2017

The Weekend Make-Over!

Now don’t get too excited ladies it’s for your garage door!
Our garage doors were in serious need of a facelift. They looked faded and worn out, the only issue was they were in great condition. We looked around at several garage door companies and contemplated replacing them, but what a waste of perfectly good doors! For months we agonized whether to replace the steel doors or just live with them the way they were. I even secretly wished the kids would throw a ball or ride their scooter or bike into them and make a huge dent, so we would have the decision made for us. No such luck…. Finally, I decided to give them a make-over. I am so happy I did, I just wish we would have done it months ago!  Now, would be the time the kids will ride their scooters into the doors damaging them….

Wash down your garage doors with dish soap and water and make sure any grease and dirt are removed.  Following the manufacturer’s instructions use a Bondo product to fill in any dents in the trim or the garage doors and sand until smooth. Next paint on a good all purpose exterior primer from your local home improvement store coating the door and any trim you want painted well. Let this dry over night. The next day roll on two coats of exterior paint color or a coordinating color to your house and let that also dry over night. The final step is my favorite, adding garage door hardware. Measure and install the handles and straps. The make-over is complete, it easily took 10 years off my doors…. Now if I could only take 10 years off my face!


Happy Renovating!

Check out my latest craze on Etsy at
Princess Coco Chanel Vonfluffenpaws sporting her custom made Christmas attire.  I know I know... what it up with that name? We thought it would be cute to have a big name for a little teeny tiny dog. Coco is 4 lbs.

Here it is laid out flat. This probably took me a total of two hours to make.

Loving all things puppy!

I recently made this window seat bed for my fur baby Coco. She's too small to be able to loom out the window. ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Easter Apothecary

                                                                Eggcelent Nest

I must admit that lately I have had a bit of an obsession with apothecary jars. I love to display them and have enjoyed changing the items in them seasonally. At Christmas I had candy canes, mini presents and mini Christmas tree bulbs in my three jars. At Halloween glittery skulls, skeleton bones and ghoulish eyeballs.  Now that spring is around the corner I have turned my focus back to these clear beauties for the perfect spring items to place in my jars.  After some brainstorming I decided to make a robin's nest  for one of my jars.
I used brown excelsior I had laying around the craft room for the nest inside the jar.  I painted three  wooden eggs in an acrylic Robin's egg blue paint color. Depending on the thickness of your paint you may need two coats. Be sure to paint the entire egg with even strokes and let dry. I then used a nickel size of  brown acrylic paint in my paint tray mixed with just a drop or two of water mixed together to make my brown paint a bit runny. Next I took my small craft paint brush and dipped it in the brown paint and used my thumb to flick the bristles of the brush to splatter paint onto the eggs over my kitchen sink to get the speckled effect.  I let them dry then placed them inside my nest inside the jar.
Outside of the fact that the Robin's that would have laid these eggs would be a freakishly large species due to the size of my wooden eggs... the nest and eggs look very convincing and springy. Now, what to do with my other two jars?

Laus Deo,

Paula Schnoor-Comes

 Unpainted wooden eggs from Hobby Lobby.
 A mixture of blue acrylic paint to get the right shade of blue.
 Eggs all snug in their nest. :)
Voila! The finished product. I just love Easter!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

French Country Garden in Iowa
 The courtyard with European fountain.

Double Knock Out roses in full bloom.
 The flower garden. The daisies seem to be taking over!
The Rebecca pond fountain. I still have to get the stained glass window attached to the middle section.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Graveyard front yard.... boooooo

I love decorating the house for  all the various holidays. Halloween and Christmas are by far my two favorites. This year I decided to add a little extra fun to the front yard by making grave stones. I used underlayment, wooden stakes and stone and flat black spray paint! I've always said there's nothing cant do with a jigsaw, a hot glue gun and a can of spray paint! Contact me if you want full instructions on the construction of the grave stones :)

 View from the front side walk.

An up close shot of the grave stones under construction.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sophi's room is nearly complete. I love the color scheme of the purple gold and silver.

View from the closet at Sophi's balcony.

View from the door of the owl and tree mural and fireplace.

Sophi's custom crib bedding. It took me a month to sew all the different pieces.